Happy Eid Mubarak 1435 H and happy running

Lately I’ve been expanding my addiction to sport by taking regular running. At first, i felt running was like hell. I got very hellish pain and soreness due to the uneducated (well that is quite a term 😀 ) run.

As time goes by for several month, i got inspired by some good friend and some Youtube video for running guidance. The video, quite giving knowledge but as i notice, to be a good runner especially with the motivation to run on a marathon, a Youtube video might not be enough. You need to have a professional guidance and of course a strong determined will.

But with the “self-learner” method of learning running technique from Youtube obviously could help a beginner like me to understand running with a good understanding.

Other than that, i suggest reading through some website that specifically discussing about running in-depth, such as runnerworld.com (magazine).

And to track about the the training and the progress of it, using a tool as a “log-book” would be very helpful.

You can use a gadget such as a GPS enabled smartphone combined with an apps or you can use a traditional GPS tracker, such as a GPS sports watch.

In my case, I like to use an Android phone installed with Endomondo Sport Tracker apps. It offers enough for me and for a free edition apps, i can’t complain as the apps is very helpful.


As you can see, Endomondo is logging my running activity nicely and showing the achievement i have accomplished.

And as a newbie running junkie, i also dare my gut during the just-passed holy month of Ramadan to keep continuing my running activity of the afternoon before fasting break by setting-up a target to achieve 30 Minute (or below) for 5 Km running, and currently I’m enjoying the process by recording 31m:47s for 5 Km run.

And what a big bonus after finishing a month of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, on the second day of Syawal (2nd Syawal 1435 H), I’m taking a 10 Km running on a highway track that connecting North Sumatra and Aceh province.

And for closing this post, I would like to greet all of the Moslem the world, have a blessed Eid Mubarak 1435 H, and #free Gaza.





(Eid Mubarak background picture taken from unsplash.com)


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