Sunday food experience; a tortila on the run

One of the joy of weekend i’ve always do is to read some recipe founded in the wildreness of internet and then able to cook it or at least if there’s no ingridient available, imagine it.

But I’m lazy one, and as a lazy one, sophisticated gourmet, meal, gastronomy or any kind of term you’d like about food, is the kind I always to avoid. And for the reason of lazy, simple meal to cook is always a TOP PRIORITY!

I always like The Food Truck by chef Michael Van de Elzen, a cooking show aired by TVNZ New Zealand and broadcast it on AFC channel by Indovision pay-tv.

The show, always gave the inspiration that a simple food can also be healthy and affordable, even for a sidewalk food and it could give a challenge.

Okay, this Sunday I’m making a tortila or kebab bread, right after I incidentally search for kebab.

What you need is:

1. About 400-450 gram flour.
2. Two table spoon of baking powder.
3. One table spoon sugar.
4. One table spoon of salt.
5. Two table spoon of oil, you can use olive oil or cooking oil.
6. A warm milk or warm water

To make the dough, mix all the material in 1-5 mentioned above, and after it mixed, pour the warmth milk bit by bit to the dough.

When its done, put a side the dough in a bowl on a cool place, (but not into the refrigerator) for half hour to one hour ( but hey, I got lazy on the middle and some business got in the way and I decided to put it on the fridge for a night).

Make a smaller size of the dough into few pieces, and then put that small dough in a wrapped clean plastic and you step on it a few time with your foot til its thin and wide (I’m on an extreme lazyness).

After you get the size you wanted to put it out from the plastic and prepare your hot teflon made wok and fry it with small fire until the dough create a bubble like, and gets dark and fried.

For the filler, you can use anything you like, in mine I put a dark sauced chillies squid goulash dish made by my wife.


And bon appetite!


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