Tambo, one of Indonesia best cigar



Indonesia, a country known in most of bule (foreigner, expatriat) for its natural resources (mineral, gas, etc), Asia leading country in democracy, and its Bali, is should be known as one of the country that producing the best tobacco in the world and famous for its local cigar competing with famous brand from Cuba, and Dominika.

Since the luxury of having Cuban cigar brand like Cohiba is not an option for my thin wallet (even for once a month), i found out that Tambo brand is quite having the “almost like smo**** Co***a” experience.

Having Tambo cigar is a tremendous experience (buying this cigar certainly wont make a big hole in your wallet 🙂 ) and could boost your national pride over international cigar brand.

Your lip, tongue, nose, prestige’s and wallet should be comfort with Tambo cigar if your want to have an alternative experience or “day-off” of having Cuban cigar with no too different taste.


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