How to collect HDS/Sun Storagetek 9985 log

Early morning on 20th February 2010 I got a call from the Sun Microsystems Indonesia Helpdesk informing that one of the telco customer had problem with their HDS/STK 9985 storage with an error CACHE ERROR, RECOVERABLE ERROR.

When I see the screen shot send on the email straightly I assure that this wasn’t a serious error, but you had to do your jobs once you’re on the battlefields. ๐Ÿ™‚

On that occasion, firstly I need to collect the log from the machine.

You need to logon to HDS/STK 9985 SVP ( in case you dont know this is the machine console for management) using a Remote Desktop Protocol (in this case i use Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection) and connect to IP that already setup on the machine.

After connected you’ll see and windows with four boxes,ย  go choose the Auto Dump box, and then select Normal, and choose HDD as a media and then hit OK to kick off the dump.

The dump will be save in compressed .tgz inย  “c:\dkc200\tmp\hdcp.tgz”.

Make sure the directory ofย  “c:\dkc200\tmp\” are shared in order to transfer the file onto you desktop.ย  Happy working! ๐Ÿ™‚


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