Solaris 11: In just a near time


Well, i’m not kidding with the blog title though i cannot confirm about the release date,  surely that Sun may  have showing what would be the next release of  Solaris 11-would be operating systems (code name Nevada), and what may come its new standard technology for the future of  advance networked operating systems.

If you already try the new release of  Solaris 10 u 10/08  (Oct 08) probably you’ll notice that Sun has put a “new” filesystems beside the the old-derived-goodfriendly-admired UFS file systems, It’s the ZFS .

The ZFS has now becoming an optional filesystems that came with the UFS in the installation of  Solaris 10  u10/08 (well, if you pick the  interactive installation menu (number 3 &4)), and it’s technology has been ported by its unix-brother-alike.

The ZFS offers zpool, advanced Solaris containers/zones in virtualization ( this era of global crisis, virtual machine seem to be a “diplomatic” solutions for company who would like to keep their bussiness on-goin but with an “approriate” budget to keep until maybe one or two years ahead), and i predict ZFS would slowly but sure the standard filesystem for the next Solaris 11.

The next thing is LDOM (Logical Domain), LDOM is “working” above the hard partition and beneath the soft partition. Though LDOM is currently only available for the Sun CoolThread server (or the SPARC Ent T-series) and exploit it  UltraSPARC T1 and T2 processors, soon i hope it would become a standard in the Solaris 11-would be operating systems.

With LDOM that run’s on Threaded chip processore core’s  is like your having one physical server running one Solaris with up to 32 virtual machine/domain in UltraSPARC T1 processor base.Imagine that, one server run’s  1 + 32  Solaris OS, now that what i called a technology for the (financial) crisis.

Solaris 11 may should offering not only an advance technology in network computing, but it also should become the technology in an era of crisis, a technology that hear your economic concern and also a technology that ready to escort you through the gate of  next economy revolutions.

While your anxious to wait the next Solaris 11 to released, what feature technology to offers, the current Solaris 10 10/08  is definetly is the best Solaris 10 that offer the technology for what would become to be next Solaris 11 that you can apply also to balancing the challenge of crisis at nowaday.


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