Japanese way of bussiness & Bussiness travel at the end of month

Being an IT engineer in an MNC with many customer spread around the world, a high durability and self endurance is part of professional oblige approach to always striving the best for the customer-satisfaction-oriented. An MNC of a Japanese culture with a Japanese culture customer is always need to be treated prior than other customer exclude Japanese customer. Though sometimes those customer whose exclude from the Japanese culture customer is oftenly giving the most contributions for the company benefit.

Most of Japanese people (MNC) is always consider their customer as valuable as god and that is why a good relationship with the customer is something that become a mandatory, not because they’re the money-mine for the company but also that something they’re worship high. A great company unable to serve their valuable customer is almost like a Ronin.

Related with the two paragraph up head, in the end of month November 2007, I had running a project to a Japanese customer which happen to be an agency that run directly under a Japanese governmental department.

These project requires me travel to Semarang (which happen to be my most desire city to visit after Probolinggo and Medan 😀 ) and also to Batam and therefore i had to leave Jakarta for almost a week.

The project itself judging by its value and the job description i had, is still in the level of small revenue contributor for the company. Each sites take two days of work and i spent only one night in each site, so yeah there isn’t much time for me for sightseeing in this time of project (which I’m very grateful for Batam site).

At Semarang, i decide to stay at my family member who lived there and I’m actually paying my debt for the last visit i had in April to Semarang didn’t had the chance for staying there for a night. And yes, Semarang originality (either it’s various tasty culinary or it’s generous people) is always make me wanted to comeback again.

Next site is Batam, a small island lies near to Singapore and part of the Riau island province. The trip to Batam is my first visit to the island, and it seems many people travel to Batam only for a transit reason to continue their journey to Singapore, and yes Batam transportation mode is a well-known for any Indonesian citizen as the cheapest ways to go to Singapore (you only have to pay 500 thousand IDR for Fiscal tax for a passport holder outside Riau island citizen).

Batam is such a boring site, you cant find any original culinary here, no original oleh-oleh/hand gift , everything is either imported from abroad or an original culinary from other Sumatra island especially from West Sumatra (Padang’s food) and only becoming a part of Singaporean playground for their hobby for golf.

The good thing about Batam is, they had a more calm condition (almost as same as other province city exclude Jakarta), i meet several new friends there and had the chance for Kopdar with the guys from kampung gajah (Hai Didik, hai Oki, & Andria 🙂 ), and no traffic-jam.

I’m pleased to meet the guys at Batam and which Didik said to me at that day, that i’m lucky enough to had the chance to meet him in his last day at Batam (errr…..right… I’m lucky for not getting infected by his suddenly lost virus…xixixixixixi) for he had plan in the near future to move to the neighbor island.

After those two journey up head, today I’ve been transfered by the office for a temporary time to replace one of my friend (who got married in this early December) to the customer site outside Jakarta (which is lucky for me that the customer site is near home and i had plenty of benefit from the office for this assignment) which happen to be the biggest Japanese cultural client of my office.

And if i had never experience and knowledge in how to treat the Japanese cultural client (or its Indonesian staff) and know how to applied, i might have been barely able to survive at this customer site. So yes, all thing has it own stress but you also had to know how to manage the stress for you benefit.


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