Quickie Express: The Next Most Of Bocor Movie Of The Year

Quickie Express, ready to shag in all theaters to all Indonesia moviegoers. After a whole year boring with pathetic movies (full of screaming,blood,tears and frigid romance act) that goes in the theaters, QE, seems able to fulfill the thirst of good movies at this end of year.

An Indonesian (three) gigolo movies that remind us of the foolishness gigolo Deuce Bigalow , with set background of Boogie Night and The American Gigolo in around the 70’s ( Probably at this era porn industry and its chain are very industrious), kicking with its trailer.

Though it’s seems funny to get the idea’s that in Indonesia at the 70’s , porn industry having it’s glory as in the US, but surely there’s a chance it happen here, but never mind about my itchy thought ( :p ), this movie is meant to be funny as it claims as “Komedi Dewasa” in its trailer πŸ˜€ .

So let see the outcome of a tag team between Dimas Djay, Nia Dinata and Djoko Anwar in this movie.


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