Show me the money!

I’ve recently had time to read several email that stored in my inbox after several day haven’t got chance to look upon, plus the long period of “hibernation” due to long holiday in the last weeks of October for Lebaran and my mudik journey to the west side of the country to my parents in law. Although the opportunity came when I’m doing an on site jobs outside Jakarta to replace my fellow office for sick leave, I’m pretty excited to know that i’m back to civilization P , after having a ” communication diffability” on Sumatera.

Most of the email i received connected with several projects notification from my employer, and the number of the present is equal with several email greetings for Lebaran from my friend and colleague.

My intention stop for a while to a several email that sent by a mailing list provider from the workers union of my employer that discussing part of it regarding working over time.

The discussion turn out very flaming, distracted by an act of several member of the mailing list on expressing their “slight” unhappiness to the effort of the member of the worker union connected with the point of working over time rules.

At first, i never had any intention to involve myself for the discussion, because i knew the person which flaming around the forum is always doing it loopingly. But then, he manage to drew my intention.

He’s email complain regarding his condition while working over time both inside or outside of the office has pissing me off, and also some of the friend that lied on the same floor with me, whom i guess at the first time seems to “patiently” enough facing the “whinnying man” email.

I agree with the “whinnying man” vision and complain, but what i cannot tolerate is the way he’s always do, complaining the workers union effort in fighting most of the employee demand to the board of management, positioning the worker union as a “boxing sack”, without even spare his time to attend any meeting with the worker unions for discussion, because of his busyness. Dude, thats like your barking around behind others man back without even able to show the guts of yours.

Sometimes we must take to time to reconsider between the value of professionalism of our with a systems call “loyalty”,“dedication”, a self satisfaction in working.

Me, always considering that discussion is one of the elegant way to solve problem, but if it cannot satisfied enough, than taking the “highway” as a way to redefine the meaning of “loyalty”, “dedication”, and “professionalism” to our current employer is much better way, instead of causing a low determination while working.

Like most of Samurai’s in the Japanese action movie (hell, ya i watched Kenshin the Batoshai D ) in serving their master, failure in obligating the duties means failures to the Bushido way and that also means disgrace and even death by suicide (Harakiri) or became a Ronin.

It’s not always about “show me the money”, but sometime its about a man struggle to keeps his honor to himself or to each compatriot or to the one his serve for or even more maybe to the one he love. )

A person note who sometimes complain about the Japanese people attitude in Indonesia, but in the same time admiring the Japanese Toku’s and anime’s


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